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Our Gym

Go Ninja was inspired by the Hit T.V. Show: American Ninja Warrior and is the only Gym in the Antelope Valley like it! We have put together a variety of obstacles that are fun and challenging for all ages and skill levels and that will leave you excited to come back again!

The Iconic Warped Wall

We have the only warped wall in the Antelope Valley and it is an amazing way to never skip leg day! We have 4 heights for you to conquer:  8 feet, 10 feet, 12 feet and just under 14 feet!

Rock Wall

Our rock wall was designed to be challenging for all age ranges and skill levels.  We change the routes periodically to make things updated and interesting!

Professional Course Design

Our obstacle course was designed by the leading company in the Ninja Warrior industry that came highly recommended to us by some of the top Ninjas in the sport. We have dozens of obstacles to challenge you both physically and mentally that will push you to greater heights you never thought possible!  

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